Here at GOAL Digital Academy, we are dedicated to serving students all across Central Ohio. With competent, helpful staff - we making learning FUN & EASY. We want each student to have a special experience at our school.

Read our staff biographies to learn more about all of unique individuals that will help you on the road to graduation:


Tanner Salyers

Social Studies Instructor

Mr. Tanner Salyers has worked as a tutor for GOAL Digital Academy for one year and as an administrator of the Knox County Youth Works program for two summers in Mount Vernon, which is operated by GOAL Digital. This is his first year teaching at GDA. He is originally from Portsmouth, OH and graduated from a small rural high school called Green Township High. He went on to study communications at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, and completed his Bachelor's Degree in integrated social studies education at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Mr. Salyers is currently pursuing his Master's in public administration at Kent State University. Mr. Salyers lives in Mount Vernon with his wife, Randi, and their two cats, Simon and Penny! He enjoys reading about world leaders, watching Family Guy and football, and barbecuing on his new grill!


Hannah is the English 9, Earth Science, and Anatomy teacher here at GOAL Digital Academy. She has a Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education, specializing in Science and Language Arts. 2016-17 was her first year teaching and she taught at Utica Jr. High as the 8th grade science teacher. Fun facts? Her dream is to live abroad for any amount of time, she wants to have her student loans paid off in one year from now, she ALWAYS carries chapstick in her purse, she bought two guinea pigs for her science classroom last year and she still has them in her house (They are super chubby!), in her spare time she likes to travel & hike with her husband and pup, read, and fix up her house, her favorite food is Aab’s chicken curry and her favorite color is yellow.

Hannah Hughes

English/Science Instructor


Wesley Brooks has been working at GOAL Digital Academy for 10 years in the Technology department. He has his Associates degree in Science - Information Technology and will have his Bachelors in June of 2018, focused in Network Administration.  Before Goal Wesley worked in a lot of factories and fast food places until he found his home here at GOAL. He loves having the opportunity to help troubled teens and kids because he was in their shoes. He likes that GOAL serves students and helps them to have a successful productive life after high school. Fun facts? He loves to listen, produce, and compose music during his free time as well as build new computers and repair older and newer computers.  

Wesley Brooks

Technology Coordinator


Anna is an Intervention Specialist here at Goal Digital Academy and she also helps co-teach English Foundations I with Mrs. Hughes. She loves her job because she can see her students achieve things they didn't know were possible! She has a Bachelor's Degree in Intervention Specialist from Bowling Green State University. This is her third year teaching, and my first year at Goal Digital, but the last two years she taught math and reading at The Tomorrow Center in Cardington. Fun facts? She is from the Columbus area, she has a Belgian Malinois dog named Cairo, she loves crafting and has a side business making vinyl decals and custom shirts. At the end of the day, she loves to spend time with her family and friends. Her favorite color is mint green and her favorite food is hibachi! 

Anna Moore

Intervention Specialist


Jill works in the Fiscal Office here at GOAL Digital Academy, where her main focus is  improving processes internally so we can deliver the best education to our students possible. Formerly she worked in Career Technical Education and Adult Education, where her focus was hands on learning to prepare workers for their field of study. She was once a Circulation Director for the oldest family owned newspaper in the US, and reads fiction in her spare time. Fun facts? She still lives in the same town she was born in, her best friend from high school is still her best friend, her favorite color is green, her favorite food is pizza, and she was a BETA tester for PokemonGo and other products made by Google and Niantic.

Jill Millisor

Fiscal Office


Mrs. Nolting is proud to be principal and supervisor at GOAL Digital Academy for the past 13 years. She previously served as the Special Education Director for GOAL. Before coming to GOAL, she was an intervention specialist for the Tomorrow Center, Fairway Schools in Bucyrus, Oh. and River Valley Local School, Marion, Oh. She studied Special Education, Adapted Physical Education and Physical Ed. at The Ohio State University, earning both her BS and MA. with additional training from Ashland University. She is thrilled to be working for GOAL Digital Academy, with great staff, families and students. She is a fan of The Ohio State Buckeyes (football and basketball), Hallmark movies, trying new recipes, reading mysteries and spending time with her husband, three grown children and two grandsons.

Cheri Nolting



Dee McGrew is a JOG Specialist at the Delaware Lab and supported by GOAL Digital Academy. She has worked in the education year for 28 years, helping at risk students get the credits they need to graduate high school and explore their future successfully. She loves her job because its rewarding to advocate for kids that need extra help to succeed. She has a Bachelor’s Degree is Social Welfare from Ohio Wesleyan University. Fun facts? Dee was raised on a dairy and potato farm in New Jersey, she loves gardening and flowers and keeps an immaculate yard, and she has seven beautiful grandchildren that she loves to spend time with and spoil.

Dee McGrew

JOG Specialist


Heather works in the Guidance Department here are GOAL Digital Academy and she also teaches Dollars and Sense & Introduction to Online Learning. She loves work at GOAL because she gets to work in an alternative school setting and help young people find success. She has a B.A. with a Major of History and a minor of Political Science, with a licensure to teach Social Studies for grades 7-12. She also has an endorsement to teach Career Based Intervention classes. Heather worked for McGraw-Hill Companies, has taught GED classes for 4 years, and worked with Workforce Development for the State of Ohio and Job's for Ohio's Graduates for 4 years. She has served as a Color guard instructor for 8 years, and spent the last 8 years working as a teacher and educational advocate for Goal Digital Academy. Fun facts? She has 2 kids and they are 8 years apart in age, she married her high school sweetheart, has 6 siblings, and I went to high school with Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts! In her spare time, she loves to read, play games, do puzzles, swim or anything with her family! She loves all foods! Her favorite color is blue and her favorite movie of all time is Pride and Prejudice (the PBS version with Collin Firth)!

Heather Allen

Guidance Educational Advocate/Instructor


Kelli is the Elementary & Middle School Director and Supervisor for the Galion and Cardington labs here at GOAL Digital Academy. She really enjoys her job here at GOAL and loves working with the great staff, students and families. She has been with GOAL for over 12 years! She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education (K-8 Certified) from BGSU and a CBI Endorsement. Kelli taught 3rd, 4th and 6th grade prior to starting a family and then enjoyed being a full-time mom for 10 years. She and her husband have been married for over 25 years and have been blessed with two amazing children and their loving 14 year old dog, Maggie. Fun facts? Kelli loves spending time with family and friends, enjoying life!  She likes camping and going out on boats, cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes, and spending time on the beach in Florida, or at Lake George.  She loves Mexican & Italian foods and has a weakness for chocolate!

Kelli Fisher

K-8 Director


Sharon is an educational advocate as of August 2016. She  previously held a position at Delaware County Job and Family Services for 16 years as a youth counselor, so it was a natural transition. When she was young, her favorite show was "Emergency". She wanted to be the dispatcher, the one who gave all the important information to the squads and police officers. That carried over into adulthood and lead to a 10 plus year career working in radio. It was there that she met my husband of 28 years. In those 10 years I had the opportunity to meet and "hang out" with many famous musicians. Sharon's children are spread all over the US.  One in Phoenix, one in Buffalo and one in Vail which means there is always somewhere awesome to vacation. Fun facts? Her favorite place is San Xavier Del Bac mission in Tucson, Arizona, she loves to read, travel, and spend time on the beach. Sharon has 2 crazy 4 year old cats at home, Ayah and Paloma. 

Sharon Lloyd

Educational Advocate


Sarah Fernandez

Technology Specialist

Sarah has been with GOAL Digital Academy for over 8 years working in the Technology Department. She loves working for GOAL because she is a firm believer in the power of online learning, so much so, that during her time at GOAL she has earned her Associate's Degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Technologies and her Bachelor's of Arts in Paralegal Studies from Tiffin University via their online program.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets; spending time outside in warm weather;  and volunteering for political causes.  


Judy is an Enrollment Specialist here at GOAL Digital Academy. She loves the fact that she gets to meet and work with students from all of our different labs across Central Ohio. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, and has spent multiple years as a teaching aid and a student teacher. Judy loves to work hard, so she can play hard, spending time with family and traveling with her friends. In her free time she likes to bowl with her bowling team, volunteer for the local police department, and Habitat for Humanity. Fun Facts?  Judy likes fried foods and her favorite color is orange.

Judy Mitchell

Enrollment Specialist


Mike teaches all subjects here are GOAL Digital Academy for our 8th grade students, except art. He still enjoys working with students even though he retired from his brick and mortar job almost 10 years ago. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education from The Ohio State University class of 1975. He taught Vocational Agriculture at Elgin High School and Mt. Gilead Schools from 1981-2010. I have taught at Goal since 2004. In his spare time, he use to own a craft shop, he coached middle school cross country, and he has twin daughters. Fun facts? He raises registered Horned Dorset sheep, he spends time with his two grandsons, loves to eat anything made with lamb.

Mike Galleher



Melinda Galleher

Educational Advocate

Melinda just started as an Educational Advocate with GOAL Digital Academy in August. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from The University of Findlay. She has worked in Environmental Education for 12 years. In her spare time, she likes to bike, hike, and spend time with her friends. Fun facts? Her favorite color is yellow, and her favorite food is Chinese.


Jen Cobern

Educational Advocate

Jen is an Educational Advocate at our Mansfield site here at GOAL Digital Academy.  She communicates with the Mansfield lab students and families to help to reduce barriers that may come between students' and their education. She also teaches Biology, Rest of My Life, and Agricultural Science. She loves working at GOAL because of our amazing students!  She has a Bachelors of Science degree in Agricultural Education from The Ohio State University, and her Masters of Arts degree in Teaching and Learning from Kaplan University. She has 14 years of teaching under her belt, 5 of those years at a brick and mortar school before GOAL Digital Academy. Fun facts? She is a pet parent (3 cats, 1 dog), she likes to organize things, and she is a lefty. In her spare time, Jen loves to read, shop, and spend time with family & friends. She enjoys chocolate and has a weakness for breads. 


Amy Bings

Behavioral Therapist

Amy is a Behavioral Health Therapist here at GOAL Digital Academy. She has a Bachelor's degree in Art Therapy from Bowling Green State University, and a Master's degree in Social Work from The Ohio State University. She loves to use expressive arts as part of the therapy process.  She has worked as a mental health social worker and Program Coordinator in public schools for the past 17 years.  She has also worked in psychiatric hospital settings with people of all ages.  She loves this work because she is supporting students and families so they can become their best selves! She is married and her husband is a fantastic cook from Washington D.C.  She has 3 sons and 1 daughter, ranging in age from 20 to 30. Her kids live all across the world in Bejing, China, New York City, and also here in Columbus.  She absolutely adores New Orleans, her favorite food is char grilled oysters.  She is an avid Buckeye fan her childhood idol being Archie Griffin!  For fun she likes to "make things", usually art or craft projects. She reads mystery thrillers, watches movies, and spends a lot of time keeping in touch with her kids!


Jennifer Woodrum

Senior Advisor - Aid

Jennifer is a Lab facilitator here at GOAL Digital Academy, working out of the Cardington lab. She has been with GOAL since 2005 starting with the lab in Edison, Ohio. Jennifer attended Marion Business College, and Patricia Stevens Career College in Chicago, Illinois then returned to Marion, Ohio when she where she was hired at GTE for 20 years. In her spare time she enjoys her passions which are her faith, her family and her friends. She likes gardening, being out in nature and dogs. She had a rewarding mission trip with her daughter to Barahona, Dominican Republic. Favorites? She loves music, the arts, sewing, knitting, antiques and yard sales!


Heather Nicholson

CT Health Science/Biology

Heather Nicholson is a high school biology teacher here at GOAL Digital Academy. She has her Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing, and is a registered nurse. She also has her Masters of Art degree in Education. Heather LOVES Science, in fact she has taught middle school science for eleven years! She spends her free time attending OSU softball games, watching her daughter catch for the Buckeyes, and spends time watching her son golf and show pigs at the local fair. Fun facts? She loves to run mud obstacle races, and kayaking, lives on a farm, and was once a pediatric nurse. Favorites? Seafood, and the color yellow!

Wes Stauffer

Technology - Tutor

Wes is a tutor and technology support person here at GOAL Digital Academy. He services some of our outlying affiliate labs. In his free time, Wes takes a sword fighting martial arts class. He likes to play a lot of video games, and watches anime and cosplay. Fun facts? Wes loves cinnamon rolls and donuts, and his favorite color is blue.


Shannon Wellin

Career Guidance - Instructor

Shannon is a high school English teacher and a part-time guidance counselor here at GOAL Digital Academy. She enjoys her position because she can both work with our students and get to know them as a counselor. She earned a. Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in English from the University of Dayton. Shannon was the Youth Services Coordinator for JTPA in Marion, Ohio, then worked for JOG at Mount Gilead and Tri Rivers Career Center and has been at GOAL since 2002. In her spare time, she loves watching her two children play soccer and football.  She loves a good book, taking her dogs for walks and just being with her family. Favorites? Anything chocolate, winter, and Christmas time!!


Missy Clark

Fiscal Office

Missy Clark work in the Fiscal Office here are GOAL Digital Academy. She likes what she does because it is a different challenge to solve everyday. Missy has worked on the business side of education for 10 years now.  Fun facts? She has been married for 25 years, and has 7 grandchildren.  In her free time she loves to go on motorcycle rides with her husband, she loves the beach, likes to play bingo and has friends and family over on the weekend to play games. Favorites? Mexican food, and the color blue!


Ryan Hontz

Career Tech Instructor - Web Design


Ryan Hontz is a Web Design Teacher and general lab tutor at GOAL Digital Academy, in the Newark Lab. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of California, Orange County with his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Web Design and Interactive Media. After spending 9+ years in the web development industry, he decided to move his skills to the classroom. He is the proud parent of two well-behaved kittens, Chunk and Shamu. His hobbies consist of bowling, traveling, and going to concerts but his real passion is cooking. At any given time you could go to his home and 90% of the time, The Food Network will be playing while he comes up with new recipes.

Jeri Armstrong


Jeri is the Records Manager for GOAL Digital Academy. She is responsible for all incoming records, as well as keeping track of high school credits, and creating high school transcripts. She has been with GOAL for 10 years and has enjoyed watching GOAL evolve through tremendous growth during the past 10 years. Her hobbies include reading, gardening, boating and cooking for family and friends. She also spends several weeks throughout the year in Rhode Island with her daughter, her husband, and grandson.   

Casey Clark

Art & Photography Teacher

Steve Haverdill

Truancy Officer

Steve is a Truancy Officer here are GOAL Digital Academy. He enjoys his position because he can help keep kids in school, so they can get their degree and be successful. Steve has completed a degree, and was a JOG Teacher before becoming a Truancy Officer. In his spare time, Steve is the defensive coordinator for football, he is a head wrestling coach, and he is also a pitching coach for baseball. Favorites? Going to Hawaii, American Food, and the color black!


Casey is the Art and Photography teacher for GOAL Digital Academy grades K-12. She also runs the Art Club for all of our labs. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Columbus College of Art and Design, and runs her own photography business in Central Ohio. Fun facts? She has lived in Florence Italy for two months for a study abroad program, she collects books (like wayyyyy too many), and she loves to read/write poetry. In her free time, you can find her curled up with a book, spending time with family and friends, or traveling whenever she can.

Nan Stanish

Special Education Director

Nan is the Director of Special Education and has worked in the education field for 28 years. She has been assigned to GOAL Digital Academy for the last 4 years. Before she worked with GOAL, she was a teacher for preschool students with disabilities for 15 years.  Then I was the Special Education Coordinator for Lexington for 8 years. Nan enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and supporting the Cleveland Browns. Fun facts? She has been parasailing in the Caribbean, and loves Mexican food.  


Ryan Caplinger

Guidance Counselor

Ryan is a Guidance Counselor here at GOAL Digital Academy. His role is to help students in academic achievement as well as career and social/emotional development. He loves helping students plan for their futures. Ryan has a middle childhood education degree from The University of Akron and a master of education in school counseling from Bowling Green State University.  He has been an educator since 2007, working in both the traditional and online environments and has taught 4th grade, 8th grade, and 9th graders in the past. This is his first position as a school counselor. Ryan has been married to his wife, Kristen since 2010 and has two boys, Case and Isaiah. He enjoy collecting cacti, the sharper the better, and is a big fan of football (a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan!!). Ryan’s family is the proud owners of a Russian Tortoise named Raphael, the name coming from TMNT.  In his spare time, his favorite thing to do is just to spend time with family, he enjoys running and will be competing in my first half-marathon in September of 2018. Fun facts:  He likes pizza from anywhere and Blue happens to be his favorite color which makes Goal a great fit!!


Ginny Clark


Ginny’s role at GOAL Digital Academy is the receptionist! She does not have a degree except in motherhood and being a awesome grandma! She does not have a history in the education field - but prides herself for her knowledge and hard knocks of life experience. In her free time she loves to make blankets or quilts as Christmas presents, she has 2 dogs and 4 cats, but is not the typical cat lady, she still does all of her own yard work for exercise and to stay busy. She loves her job here at GOAL, even though some days are very hectic. Fun facts? Ginny has too many favorite food to even begin listing them, she likes a lot of different colors, and it depends on my mood, and she quote “plans to working till they carry her out or my brain stops working properly which ever comes first.”


Rebecca Shaw

Enrollment Specialist

Rebecca is an Orientation Specialist here at GOAL Digital Academy. She loves her job because she gets to meet every student that goes through orientation in Mansfield. Before starting at GOAL she was a Parent Mentor an Advocate for students with disabilities for the Richland County Schools and has also held a position as a Family Support Specialist with Help Me grow. Her passion is helping student with disabilities receive FAPE. Rebecca enjoys unwinding with her dogs at the Nature Center, and her favorite color is green. Fun facts? She loves great shoes, her favorite season is Spring, and she enjoys traveling to Sanibel, Florida.


Deb Strong


Deb is a Behavioral Therapist for Goal Digital Academy. She has a Masters Degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Professional Clinical Counseling. She is licensed through the State of Ohio as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. She began her work experience with Richland County Children Services for 14 1/2 years experience working with many different agencies including most schools in Richland County. She then took a position with MOESC as an Attendance Counselor, transferred from that into the WIA Program and then transferred into a position with the Futures Program as a Mental Health Therapist. She is a grandmother and she loves it, she plays piano, sings and leads a women’s bible study. Fun facts? Her favorite color is blue and or pink, her favorite food is Chipotle and Asian food and a good old Steak well done.


Dionna Randas

Career Tech Lead & Instructor

Dionna is the Digital Arts and English electives teacher here at GOAL Digital Academy. She loves teaching at GOAL because she can help students discover something new about themselves, and recognize their full potential. She completed a degree in English Education for grades 9-12, a career tech teaching license and is currently working on her Masters in Career Technical Education/Workforce Development with a technology endorsement. She has worked in education for eight years in various positions. Fun facts? She loves playing video games, she was in a super bowl half time show, and has lived all over the country. In her spare time she likes hanging out with her kids and her husband, who is her best friend.


Tish Jenkins


I am the Superintendent for GOAL Digital Academy. I LOVE my job because it is my vocation.  I’d have to say I love my job because it’s challenging, in a good way, and it’s rewarding because I get to help students and staff achieve their goals.  Every day is different for me at GOAL , I never have a boring day.  My personal goal is to continue to move the district forward by providing a safe, respectful, engaging student & staff centered learning environment.  I have lots of degrees, my Bachelor's degree in History with a minor in politics, Master's Degree in Education Administration and then I went further by pursuing and obtaining my Principals License and then my Superintendent's license.  I believe in lifelong learning so in the future I hope to join a national superintendent cohort or begin my doctorate.


I have three amazing adult children, currently one PERFECT grandson, love traveling the world, and I lived in the football stadium at the Ohio State University during my undergraduate years.  In my spare time if I am not with family I am a sports nut.  I love all sports and like to go to as many professional games in as many cities as possible.  My favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers!!!!!  Go CAVS!!!  I also love movies and reading  - I love a good story from beginning to end.  My favorite thing is to spend time with family.  I love being with my family - children, siblings, nieces, nephews, etc....  My family is by far what makes me tick.


Mindy Mowery


Mindy is a 7th grade teacher here at GOAL Digital Academy. She knew after her student teaching that middle school students were amazing people to work with and learn from and therefore that is where she wanted to be.  She has her degree in 1-8 Elementary Education, K-12 Intervention Specialist. She has served as an Intervention Specialist for the Mt. Gilead School District for several years; past and present. Mindy has three children at home that she adores. Fun facts? She would love the opportunity to swim with a great white shark, she is fascinated by weather and weather patterns, and Captain America is my favorite Avenger. When she has free time, she loves to spend it with her family. Her favorites are Mexican and Italian based foods, the color green, volleyball and MATH!


Shairon Allen


Shai is a Computer Technician here at GOAL Digital Academy. He has worked with the company ever since his graduation from high school, but has yet to proceed to Post Secondary Education. Fun facts? He doesn’t wear contacts (he gets asked that question a lot), and he grew his hair in competition (and ever since no one wants him to cut it). In his spare time he likes to watch T.V., play video games, and joke with friends. His favorite food is Mac & cheese, and he has two favorite colors; green, and blue. 

Kristi Hamrick

Galion Lab Aid

Kristi is working at GOAL Digital Academy as a Lab Facilitator. She enjoys working with the students and staff and has seen GOAL grow and progress over the years. She received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education at Otterbein College, and then received a 5 year degree through Ohio State University. She has also completed her Reading Recovery certification through Ohio State University. Kristi has served as a teacher at Danville School for 21 years, worked for Marion Schools as a Reading First tutor and also the Sylvan Learning center as a teacher in Mansfield until it closed. In her spare time, she is active in her church and sings on the worship team. She is very close with her family and enjoys spending time with her sisters and mothers each summer in Florida.  She has a daughter, grandchildren and great-grand children and is looking forward to meeting her twin great-granddaughters in February. Kristi enjoys going out to eat with friends or family and shopping, she loves breakfast foods and pasta, and bright colors like purple and pink!  Her other interests over the years include traveling, camping, and canoeing.


Gregg Snouffer

Instructor & Student Service Club

Gregg teaches Physical Education here at GOAL Digital Academy, but also has experience with History and Careers. Gregg is an original Buckeye and graduated from THE Ohio State University with a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education. His specialty was History, but he also minored in Science. Gregg has been a teacher and a coach for about a hundred years now, specializing in high school gymnastics, and volleyball at Delaware Hayes High School and taught at The Delaware Area Career Center. Fun facts? Gregg was a member of the United States Boomerang Team, which won five world championships. Then became the coach of the Boomerang Team and won a world championship again. He lives on a hobby farm in Delaware, where he grows vegetables, hops and raise chickens! He also builds boomerangs in his barn and sell them all over the world! Check it out: roundtripboomerangs.com


Danielle Bault


Danielle teaches 6th grade here at GOAL Digital Academy. She loves being able to provide her students with a unique learning experience that best suits their needs. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Childhood Education. This is her first year at GOAL however she has been a 6th grade teacher at Mount Gilead Middle School for the past 8 years. In her free time, Danielle loves to play with her son and daughter, watch her daughter do gymnastics and go to her husband's baseball games. Fun facts: She is a twin, she played college Basketball, she goes to at least 12 Cleveland Cavalier’s games a year, and she has performed the national anthem at a professional sporting event.


Jessica Caughlan

Educational Advocate

Jess Caughlan teaches Animal Science and Food Science here at GOAL Digital Academy. She is also an Educational Coordinator for the Goal Affiliate labs. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture Development from Texas A&M University. Right out of college, Jess started as a substitute teacher and knew that she wanted to get into education in some manner. She has three kids, all girls and lives on a farm raising Quarter Horses. In her spare time, Jess loves to play volleyball and has coached at the club and high school level. Her favorite music; Country, Christian, Pop and Rap.
She barrel races horses all over the U.S., as do her three girls.  And she also tries to hit the gym at least 5 days a week to stay in shape.  FUN FACTS: Her favorite food is dutch apple pie, her favorite color is turquoise and she has a passion for riding horses.


Lori Gudde


Lori is the Physical Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Marine Biology teacher here at GOAL Digital Academy.  She enjoys the diversity of the courses that she teaches and she likes teaching the high school level. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Ohio State and then completed the coursework to earn her teaching license from Ashland University. This is her 13th year teaching at GOAL and she been teaching at a rural traditional school for 12 years. Fun facts? Her family rescued 2 all black cats (even their whiskers are black!), she still has 2 of her baby teeth because she doesn’t have permanent teeth to replace them, she has never seen the movie "Titanic”, and she prefers grey days over sunny days. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with family and traveling. Favorites? Indian food, mysteries and learning new things.


Sondra Carey


Sondra teaches CBI World History, CBI American History, CBI American Government and Business Tech here at GOAL Digital Academy. She has a Master's in Classroom Curriculum and a BA degree in Developmentally Handicapped K-12 and Speech and Business Education. Sondra has been teaching for 31 years at Mount Gilead High School as an Intervention Specialist and GOAL Digital for 15 years as a High School instructor. In her spare time, Sondra takes square dance lessons, she has 8 grandchildren, 7 girls and 1 boy, and her 4 children have biblical names, Matthew, Mark, Michael and Mariah. Fun facts? Her favorite color is Yellow, her favorite food is Lasagna, her favorite movie are is Toy Story, and her favorite sports teams are The Buckeyes, The Reds and The Bengals.


Jolene Healea

Fiscal Office

Jolene’s role at GOAL Digital Academy is EMIS Coordinator. She likes what she does because, she is always up for a challenge. She is very particular and detail oriented with strength in problem solving skills. Her responsibilities are Accuracy, completeness, and transfer of district, building, staff, student and financial EMIS data, adhering to the EMIS processing schedules. She communicates EMIS requirements to staff within the district. Comprehension of data reporting rules for federal, local and state reporting. She has been employed since 2001 in school Financial office as Office Manager and since 2007 as EMIS Coordinator. Along with her spouse and 2 children, she raises registered Duroc pigs and show them at breeding shows and fairs both locally and nationally. She believes in making a difference everyday in the lives of others with a positive thought or kind words spoken. Fun facts? She loves all colors and is not picky about food. She appreciates everyday that she is given and is blessed for what she has.


Diana Hurlow

Guidance Counselor

Diana is an Educational Advocate for GOAL Digital Academy. After retiring, she realized that she really missed working with young people so she is fortunate to have been hired by Goal to be their High School Counselor. After over forty years in education, she still loves what she is doing. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from The Ohio State University and a Masters in Education with a School Counselor’s license from Heidelberg University. She has held positions as and elementary school teacher, received certification in special education, taught learning disabilities class for K-12 in Lexington and served as a high school counselor for Lexington High School. She is silly, spunky, fun and dedicated & is always good for a laugh, or two!


Patricia Kelley

Lab Aide

Pat is a Lab Aide here at GOAL Digital Academy. She has worked with ProTeen Center since 2009. She enjoys working with youth because they keep her feeling young and keep her up on what's currently popular for teens and young people. Pat graduated from OSU-Newark in 2005 with a Psychology degree and focused mainly on the clinical counseling aspect of psychology. She has a professional history with Moundbuilders Guidance Center in Newark as an adult case manager helping clients with mental health diagnoses and managing their activities of daily living. She also worked on the SAMI Team, working with clients who had substance abuse and mental health problems. Fun facts: She is an herbalist, interested especially in medicinal herbs. Over the years she was able to attend quite a number of seminars and programs featuring well known herbalists from around the world. In her spare time I like to garden, attend music concerts and hang with my grand kids.

Melinda Saltzgiver


Melinda is the 5th grade teacher and a tutor here at GOAL Digital Academy, in the Mansfield lab. She has been teaching since 2001 and has her Masters degree in Education. She has been married to her husband for sixteen years and has three beautiful children. In Melinda’s free time she runs a vegetable farm and raises chickens and bees. Her family has one pet, a rescue dog that they welcomed happily into their home.


LeRoy Smith

Intervention Specialist

LeRoy is an Intervention Specialist here are GOAL Digital Academy, and he works predominantly out of the Mansfield and Galion labs. He has previously held teaching positions at Mansfield Senior High School and Madison Comprehensive High School, where he coaches Varsity Football, Girls Varsity Basketball, and track.


Shelly Layman


Shelly teaches grades 1 - 4 and the Comprehensive Social Studies and Science grades 7 and 8.  She also works together with Mrs. Kline in their hybrid Reading and Math to Succeed class for grades 4 - 8. She love teaching at GOAL Digital Academy and has been with the company for over ten years!  She received her Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Dayton and taught for a few years in Atlanta, Georgia and then for almost ten years in Akron, Ohio. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family - a terrific husband of over 20 years, two wonderful daughters, ages 16 and 10, and a maltipoo named Sasha! She enjoys reading a good book, watching movies, and visiting extended family members out of town. Favorites? Vacations with her family, her daughters' love and laughter, and of course coffee and chocolate!


Keith Willis

JOG Instructor - Student Service Club

Keith is the Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) teacher for GOAL Digital Academy. He is also a supervisor for the Marion lab, advisor for the Student Service Club and data manager for the North Central region of JOG. He graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate and Finance and spent 10 years working in the private sector before getting into education. He has a second Bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems from Franklin University. Keith has been with JOG since 2000 and started working with GOAL in 2007. Fun facts? He has been married for over 21 years and has 4 children who are very involved in

extra-curricular activities (football, basketball, baseball, track, robotics, school music programs, etc.) He has 2 dogs, 2 cats and lives on 5 acres in the middle of nowhere. He enjoys coaching, traveling across the country like the Griswolds (I have been to 46 of the lower 48 states as well as Mexico, Canada and several Caribbean Islands), camping, sailing, and spending time with his family (especially if it includes lying on a beach or eating pizza!)


Hope Losh

Intervention Specialist

Hope Losh is an Intervention Specialist here at Goal Digital Academy. She has her Masters in Special Education with four years of experience under her belt.  She taught for two years at the Delaware Area Career Center, and for two years at Mentor City Schools. Fun facts she has three dogs, she loves to play softball (she played in college!), watches OSU football and loves spending time outdoors. In her spare time, she hangs out with her husband and her three golden doodles, she loves the color teal & everything chocolate!!

Gretchen Stranges

ESOL Instructor

Gretchen is an ESOL Teacher here at GOAL Digital Academy. She lives in Delaware, Ohio with her husband Mike, her daughters, and three cats. She grew up in Columbus, but has done a lot of traveling around the world. She holds an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, from The Ohio State University, and an MA in TESOL from Ohio Dominican University. Most of my professional experience has involved career-counseling, job coaching, job developing, and teaching in adult education. Fun facts? Gretchen has worked in other fun industries such as working aboard a cruise ship, and even some archaeology.  In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, hiking, drawing, and sailing. She also enjoys meeting new people from all over the world!


Stephanie Frisch

English Instructor

Stephanie Frisch is a full-time English Teacher here at GOAL Digital Academy labs in Newark and Delaware. She earned a BA degree in Journalism/English with a minor in photography from Miami University; as well as secondary education certification in English/Speech/Journalism/Communications from Otterbein University. She previously worked as a substitute teacher in the Delaware City Schools. Stephanie has been a high school swimming/diving/track coach for over 16 years, has been the Head Diving Coach for Delaware Hayes, Buckeye Valley and the Dempsey Middle School teams, and is also the coach for the DARTS in the summer months. Fun facts? She is owned by a very feisty french bulldog named Cami-Lou Josephine; has traveled Europe with Team boomHERang, the International Women's Boomerang team;  is an avid photographer (selling her work through the Delaware Arts Castle); and is afraid of heights, but enjoys hot air ballooning (WHAT?)!  In her spare time, you can find her around water: in it, on it, beside it or under it! She enjoys cooking, entertaining, euchre, hiking, gardening or just relaxing. Favorites? Avocado, the colors scarlet and grey, early spring when the buds begin to pop and fall when the leaves change.


Mendy Chard

Lab Aide

Mendy is a Lab Aide with GOAL Digital Academy. She came to Goal Digital in 2018 after working as an Employment Counselor with Delaware County JFS. Mendy completed her education at Capital Trade in Austin, Texas and found employment in the travel industry where she worked as a Flight Attendant for TWA and traveled the world. She enjoys working with both adults and youth to help find employment, and helped to achieve their educational goals through means of the WIOA program. She also worked as an administrative assistant for the Delaware County Child Support Agency. She moved with her husband Jeff, to Waldo, OH in 1992, raised two children, both graduates from River Valley High School. She has one beautiful grandson. She has a huge soft spot for neglected dogs, so she became a volunteer for a nonprofit dog rescue out of Marysville, OH and is currently a foster Mom. Fun Facts: She is an avid online gamer, loves to read, a movie buff, and loves the BUCKEYES!


Diane Moore

Executive Assistant


Diane is the Executive Assistant to Superintendent here at GOAL Digital Academy. She is new to the education field, but is excited to learn new things every day!! Her past experience is varied, including typesetting, proofreading, and 20 years working in printing/pre-press field. The last 10 years, she has been a realtor and office manager for a real estate & auction company. She has 11 nieces and nephews who she loves to spend time with. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, traveling, traveling, gardening, reading, crochet & needlepoint, watching movies & sports and going to auctions. Her favorite food is pizza, but she LOVES all food, favorite color is green and Steel Magnolias is her favorite movie, favorite team is OSU Buckeyes and she also enjoys watching the Indians and Browns.

Carol Lucas



Carol Lucas is a TESOL Tutor and instructor here at GOAL Digital Academy. She likes working here because it allows her the opportunity to teach students as well as learn from them. She has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Franklin University, a Masters degree in Christian Administration from Methodist Theological School, her TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification from Oxford Seminars, and she is certified as a Trauma Informed Care Specialist from the CARE Coalition. She started her professional career in corporate America, but then started working in various academic roles as a substitute teacher, academic advisor, career counselor, business development and adult education. In her spare time, Carol enjoys reading, watching classic movies and television shows, and listening to music. Fun fact? She is known for having a distinctive laugh. Her favorite food is pizza, or mediterranean, and her favorite colors are blue, fuchsia and coral!

Jeff Grimmett

Director of Technology


Jeff Grimmett is proud to be the Technology Director and Principal for GOAL Digital Academy.  Jeff has been in the field of education for the past 20 years. Prior to coming to GOAL Digital Academy, he worked for ECOT as a Principal and Director of Safety and Security. Jeff started his career teaching music to students at Bishop Hartley High School in Columbus, Ohio. He received his BA in Music Education from The Ohio State University and earned his Master’s in Educational Leadership and Instruction from the University of Dayton. He has been married or 16 years and they have been blessed to have 2 amazing sons. Fun Facts? He loves to spend time on his pontoon boat, fishing and cruising around the lake. He loves watching Ohio State football and spending time in the Outer Banks surf fishing. His oldest son plays lacrosse as a goalie, traveling the tristate area going to lacrosse tournaments and wants to play lacrosse for John Hopkins University or the University of Maryland.

Melinda Radabaugh

K-8 Teacher

Melinda Radabaugh is an 8th grade teacher here at GOAL Digital Academy. She really enjoys getting to know the students and connecting with them online. Melinda has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in teaching from The Ohio State University.  As a teacher, she has worked with students as young as 3 and as old as 60. She has been teaching for many years.  There is always something new to learn. Fun facts: She loves watching Ohio State football and the marching band, She enjoys traveling to new places, hiking (especially in the mountains), and she has a very spoiled dog. In her spare time, she loves reading books, and she also likes cooking. Her favorite food is pizza, her favorite color- right now is pink, but her favorites tend to change.


Nathan Leasure

Educational Advocate

Nathan is the Educational Advocate for the Galion and Cardington labs and he loves his job with GOAL Digital, waking up every morning with a smile of anticipation because he knows the day will be filled with rewarding challenges and meeting people. He holds a degree in History from The Ohio State University. It is his 13th year working in the school system, but is his first year with Goal. He has worked in the maintenance department while he finished college and also acted as a substitute. He takes great pride in being self sufficient, which contributes to having a broad spectrum of interests such as cooking, farming, construction, boating, and backpacking. He has 2 dogs who are his children and they love to go for rides with him and his partner on their pontoon boat every weekend. He also enjoy working on his family's dairy farm with all of the animals, from cows to horses to goats and pigs. Fun facts? Cooking is one of his hobbies, and boy is it a favorite! He loves to grill or smoke ribs or chicken... and even the Thanksgiving turkey. But spaghetti is his all time favorite meal... He could eat it every day! He says “I’m not a big guy by accident, haha!” He loves life and all the things life can offer if one just sets their mind to it!


Joe Byrne

Career Tech - Business/Logistics

Joe Byrne is a Career Tech teacher here are GOAL Digital Academy. He is the Business and Logistics teacher. He is fascinated with the supply chain process, and has always been drawn to logistics. He has his BA in Business from Franklin University and is a first year teacher! In his spare time he likes to relax, watch movies & sports, and spend time with his family. Fun Facts? He’s obsessed with 80’s Pac Man, his favorite season is winter (he loves to drive in the snow!), and he has watched “Back to the Future” over 100 times. Favorites? Mexican food, and the color red! 


Cindy is an Intervention Specialist here are GOAL, where she loves to work with the kids one on one to help them succeed and transition into their next stages of life. She loves her job because she is able to give back to the community through young people. She has her Bachelor’s in Project Management, but decided to move into her area of passion, which is teaching. Fun facts? She loves horses, she has 13 grandchildren and one great grandson, she quilts and loves beading! In her spare time she loves to get involved with 4-H and spend time with her family. Her favorite food is ice cream, she loves the color blue, and her favorite flower is a Hibiscus!

Cindy Cunningham

Intervention Specialist

Kelly Zakrajsek

Intervention Specialist

Kelly Zakrajsek is an Intervention Specialist with GOAL Digital Academy, and has spent her history in the education field teaching Pre-K through 12th grade students of Special Education. Kelly’s free time is spent with her five children. She loves musicals, and jigsaw puzzles. Favorites? The color blue, and eating popcorn! 


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