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Delaware Learning Lab Profile

Delaware, OH (April 13, 2022) – Jobs for Ohio's Graduates (JOG) started serving GOAL Digital Academy students in Delaware County in the early 2000s to great success and growth. The JOG program was originally located in one room at the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) - South Campus. Around 2016, DACC began expansion and the JOG program was informed of the need to find a new location. Delaware City Schools offered their former administration building on N. Washington St. Within weeks, the GOAL and JOG programs went from operating out of one room at DACC to operating out of the entire administration building.

GOAL’s Delaware Lab, as well as Delaware City Schools, has benefitted from the long-standing relationship with the JOG program. JOG and GOAL operate out of the same location to provide credit recovery services to Delaware City Schools students. Many times, JOG students are incorporated into GOAL activities and vice versa. To an outsider observing both programs, it would be impossible to distinguish one affiliation from the other.

JOG is supported through a grant with Delaware County Department of Job and Family Services. The grant provides services for youth who need alternative education settings, mentoring, leadership development, and twelve months follow-up. Dee McGrew has been involved with JOG since its founding, she was originally a board member and in 1996 became the specialist for the Graduate Recovery Program. Dee has provided more than 28 years of service, and has reached over 1000 students and countless families over the years. GOAL Superintendent Tish Jenkins, said "Without Dee, JOG and GOAL would not be in Delaware County. She makes a tremendous difference for both programs."

Sharon Lloyd, GOAL Educational Advocate, said Heidi Kegley, current superintendent of Delaware City Schools, has been an invaluable resource to both GOAL staff and students. “The district has been a long-time supporter of both JOG and GOAL, and has made numerous referrals over the years,” she explained. This support was evident when GOAL needed to move locations.

Currently, there are 132 students enrolled and 4 full-time teachers, a jog specialist, a behavioral therapist, a full-time counselor, a full-time social worker, and many tutors dedicated to the Delaware location, in addition to the other remote learning educators on staff.

The GOAL Digital Academy and Jobs for Ohio's Graduates Delaware Lab located at 248 North Washington Street serves students in Delaware city and surrounding communities. GOAL celebrates students’ diverse learning styles, interests, and talents by going beyond academics and providing students with well-rounded opportunities to meet new people and engage in their passions. GOAL offers regular family education and networking opportunities and continually works to remove family or community barriers that impact student success. If you would like more information about GOAL Digital Academy or the Jobs for Ohio's Graduates Program, contact GOAL Principal, Jeff Grimmett at (419) 342-2032.

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