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Our Guidance Team

Here at GOAL we have an amazing team of Guidance Counselors that are available to advise each student in their educational journey. Whether it be academic, career, or personal/social developmental goals, our teams work in collaboration with parents/guardians, our faculty and staff, the community to support each student in developing skills that will support their personal growth as a lifelong learner, a successful student, and a member of their communiy.


Contact the counselor specific to your lab for more information about your life here at GOAL Digital.


Universal Social-Emotional/Wellness Screening
Opportunity 2022-2023 (Grades 6-12)

GOAL Digital Academy is Once again implementing a universal social-emotional / wellness screening for students in grades 6-12. The use of universal screenings is a “Best Practice”, and is recommended by the Governor's Office and the Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services Dept. (OMHAS).  The information from the screening tool will help us to:


1. Identify students who may be struggling within the social-emotional realm;

2.   Provide data-informed and responsive support to students in need;

3.  Measure the effectiveness of the services we provide; and

4. Guide professional development priorities for teachers, staff, and administrators.


Participation in the universal social-emotional/ wellness screening is voluntary.  Your student does not have to take the survey.  All information gathered from the screenings is maintained in a strictly confidential manner.


If you would like your student to take the survey, you can find the link located on

the GOAL bookmarks or you can access it using your phone camera and scan

the QR code to the right & sign your student in with their Google account. 

You can also download the form HERE and submit it to your counselor via email.


Once the survey is submitted, it will be scored by the guidance/ mental health

team, and if there are concerns regarding social-emotional well-being, you will

be contacted.  All screenings need to be submitted by Oct. 28th. 


Students who complete and submit the survey by this date will receive one of our

woven bracelets!    

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 2.31.58 PM.png

Deadline: OCTOBER 28TH


Heather Allen

School Counselor

Delaware, Marion, Columbus & Mended Reeds



Angeline Burke

School Counselor

Newark & Mount Vernon


Ryan Caplinger

School Counselor

Cardington, Galion, & Mansfield A-C


Shannon Wellin

School Counselor

Mansfield D-Z




Things Happen.



Guidance has important documents to share:

Teacher Helping Student

School Handbook

At the Library

K-8 Course Catalog

High Fives

High School Course Catalog

Stack of Notebooks

College Credit Plus

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