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GOAL Digital Academy celebrates landmark 2024 Graduation Celebration

GOAL Digital Academy proudly announces the resounding success of its 2024 Graduation Ceremony, an event that summarizes the spirit, dedication, and achievements of our students, staff, and communities. This year’s celebration marked a historic milestone with the graduation of 130 students, the largest graduating class in school history. We envision a future where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. The ceremony brought this vision to life through inspiring speeches and personalized video tributes that highlighted each student's unique journey. Our staff’s efforts demonstrated that GOAL Digital Academy is a place where dreams are nurtured and achievements are recognized.

This year, six graduates took the stage to share their experiences, each offering a unique perspective on their journey at GOAL Digital Academy. Among these exceptional students, Jenna Abrams, a Marion student, and Princeton McArtor, a Delaware student stood out with their powerful messages:

Jenna reflected on the profound impact of our staff, stating, "Each staff member at GOAL Digital Academy made a difference in my life." Her words resonated deeply with everyone, highlighting the personal connections and support that define our vision.

Princeton delivered an inspiring speech, emphasizing the transformative journey our students undergo. He eloquently shared, "From the moment of birth, we embark on a journey of discovery and creation, sculpting our destiny with every thought, word, and action. Through the crucible of existence, we manifest our aspirations into reality, shaping the world around us. With each dawn, we seize the opportunity to craft our fate, embrace the power within to illuminate the darkness, and unveil the boundless potential of our souls."

Wesley Brooks, Assistant Director of Technology at GOAL shared a speech about his unique journey that was incredibly moving and inspirational. It resonated deeply with the students and their families, and truly captured the essence of GOAL Digital Academy's mission. By candidly sharing his experiences, challenges, and triumphs, Wes offered a profound sense of connection and hope to everyone in attendance. His words painted a vivid picture of resilience and determination, demonstrating the power of perseverance and the importance of never giving up on one's dreams. This not only inspired the graduates but also reinforced to their families the impact and value of the supportive, nurturing environment that GOAL Digital Academy strives to create. Wes' heartfelt narrative served as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the core of GOAL’s mission to foster personal growth and academic achievement. The authenticity and passion with which he spoke left an indelible mark on all who were present, making it a moment that will be remembered for years to come.

Three students received the GOAL-sponsored “Lifelong Learning Scholarship” which supports their continued education. The scholarship was created by the GOAL Digital Academy staff to recognize the accomplishments of our students:


Makayla Clark - Delaware

Alexas Miller - Delaware

Aliza Kotterman - Mount Vernon

Superintendent Tish Jenkins kicked off the diploma ceremony and concluded with inspiring words about nurturing the connections between staff and students formed in our labs each day. “We are each a quilt made of patches of those who have loved us, taught us, and cared about us, those who have believed in our futures, those who showed us empathy and kindness, or told us the truth even when it wasn’t easy to hear. Those who told us we could do it when there was no proof of that.”

Valedictorian: Zoe Frary, Galion

Salutatorian: Rylan Cramer, Mount Vernon

Our mission is to provide students with a flexible, personalized, and supportive learning environment that fosters academic achievement and personal growth. Celebrating the largest graduating class in our history is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire GOAL Digital Academy team. Each staff member played a crucial role in supporting our students and helping them achieve this significant milestone.

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