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GOAL expands team with unique New Hires

As GOAL Digital Academy gears up for the 2023-2024 school year, growth in the district has sparked a wave of hiring that brings talented faces to its learning community spanning Central Ohio. The Board of Directors felt it was imperative to continue to provide services to the whole family, expanding staffing significantly. With two retirees and various staff members leaving the profession for life changes, GOAL has hired a record number of eighteen new staff members that will guide students, influencing the rising tide of online education.

Superintendent Tish Jenkins expressed: “I am excited about the amazing abilities the new staff bring to GOAL Digital Academy. We have staff that have worked outside of Education, bringing fresh perspectives, for example, Misty and Nick have military experience, Olivia worked for the City of Delaware and Tina comes from Hospital Systems. We have hired teachers who are brand new to the field and others with thirty-eight years of experience holding multiple degrees. In short, these individuals have amazing abilities to enhance our students' experience in education.”

Special Education

Nicholas Goodwin, Intervention Specialist

Sarah Falgout, Intervention Specialist

Laurie Sorrick, Intervention Specialist

Jessica Murnahan, Special Education Aide

Mental Health Therapist

Jenna Streib

Educational Advocates

Lindsey Secrest


Kelly Crosby, Science

Amy Stuttler, English

Alyssa Clayton, Art

Taylor Starcher, Elementary

Angie Brocwell, Elementary

Alden Coffman, Social Studies

Dawn Rose, Math

Central Office Support

Olivia Ballard, Records Manager

Tina Main, Testing Coordinator

Anita Dunston, Customer Service

Saundra Brummage, Customer Service

Misty Ekleberry, Customer Service

Intervention Specialist, Nicholas Goodwin, stated, “Coming from a residential treatment center, I have experience with at-risk youth and the life challenges they face. The Intervention Specialist role at GOAL appealed to me because I'll work with a select group of kids allowing me to delve deeper into their personal needs and be a role model that provides important life lessons.”

High School Science Teacher Kelly Crosby expressed, “I am so excited to help students at GOAL with their individual needs. The staff at GOAL Digital Academy genuinely care about the students and their life situations, not just their education. I can’t wait to join the team!”

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