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Honor Roll Students Excel in Quarter One at GOAL Digital Academy

The dedication and academic success of students at GOAL Digital Academy have once again come to the forefront as the school proudly announces the names of its standout scholars who have achieved Honor Roll status for the first quarter of the 2023-2024 academic year. These exceptional students have demonstrated unwavering commitment to their studies, achieving outstanding grades and embodying the school's values of excellence in education. Their achievements are a testament to their hard work, persistence, and the supportive learning environment fostered by GOAL.

The following students have earned a place on the Quarter 1 Honor Roll:


Myla Hosler - Kindergarten

Mason Meadows - Kindergarten

Kylen Schaefer - Kindergarten

Jason Cole - 1st Grade

Jay-Lynne Cole - 1st Grade

Rebekah Donaugh - 2nd Grade

Remington Hosler - 2nd Grade

Avery Leech - 2nd Grade

Karson Newsome - 2nd Grade

Rhys Hosler - 3rd Grade

Avery Rhodebeck - 3rd Grade

Haley Sieving - 4th Grade

Madalyn Hosler - 5th Grade

Xander Wilson - 5th Grade

Jack Anderson - 6th Grade

Campbell Good - 7th Grade

Ezekiel Melendez - 7th Grade

Ayleah Ousley - 7th Grade

Kiley Schafer - 7th Grade

Caleb Cole - 8th Grade

Thomas Cullen - 8th Grade

Kate Garrison - 8th Grade

Charley Hudson - 8th Grade

Kennedy Hudson - 8th Grade

Landyn Brock - 9th Grade

Madisyn Johnson - 9th Grade

Cam Arnold - 10th Grade

Dominic Atwater - 10th Grade

Caden Bistline - 10th Grade

Braylon Chandler - 10th Grade

Caiden Dean - 10th Grade

Collin Fitzgerald - 10th Grade

Matthew Hines - 10th Grade

Trey Wynn - 10th Grade

Bentley Good - 11th Grade

Joie Guardiola - 11th Grade

Amy Miner - 11th Grade

Liberty Dick - 12th Grade

Harrison Hamilton - 12th Grade

Alivia Hicks - 12th Grade

Madison Knipp - 12th Grade

Dawniella Molina - 12th Grade

Haylee Riedel - 12th Grade

Allegra Ruhl - 12th Grade

Victoria Summers - 12th Grade


Isaiah Caplinger - Kindergarten

Josh Clark - Kindergarten

Maverick Snyder - Kindergarten

Autumn Holloway - 2nd Grade

Kale Ross - 2nd Grade

Calah Mahek - 3rd Grade

Jayden Snyder - 3rd Grade

Jaxson Baldwin - 4th Grade

Case Caplinger - 4th Grade

Ryleigh Montgomery - 7th Grade

Sophia Snyder - 7th Grade

Silas Britt - 8th Grade

Madi Connell - 8th Grade

Paige Cox - 8th Grade

Aaliyah Bailey - 9th Grade

Steven Bland - 9th Grade

Allie Montgomery - 9th Grade

Rileigh Morgan - 9th Grade

Kam Amore - 10th Grade

Shad Benson - 10th Grade

Liddia Damron - 10th Grade

Michael Downing - 10th Grade

Ethan Hoover - 10th Grade

Daniel Mahek - 10th Grade

Shane Benson - 11th Grade

Color Calkins - 11th Grade

Alayna Caudill - 11th Grade

Shelby Lozier - 11th Grade

David Mahek - 11th Grade

Garrett Martin - 11th Grade

Erica Barclay - 12th Grade

Zoe Frary - 12th Grade

Caroline Kerns - 12th Grade


Paisley Blevins - Kindergarten

Bella Halley - Kindergarten

Spencer Brady - 4th Grade

Maddison Halley - 4th Grade

Chase Churn - 6th Grade

Kaden Hayes - 6th Grade

Liam Francess - 7th Grade

Leanna Knutson - 8th Grade

Mackenzie Clark - 9th Grade

Elysia Leasure - 9th Grade

Travon McGary - 9th Grade

Mariah Clark - 10th Grade

Safia Haji Abdi - 10th Grade

Cami Jarrell - 10th Grade

Rebecca Smith - 10th Grade

Memphis Wilson - 10th Grade

Elizabeth Amrine - 11th Grade

Andrea Baker - 11th Grade

Jacob Hurley-Calerro - 11th Grade

Aleah Lownie - 11th Grade

Natalie Adams - 12th Grade

Laura Barnhart - 12th Grade

Kayla Clark - 12th Grade

Jase Hager - 12th Grade

Jacob Hance - 12th Grade

Caitlin Kohlwey - 12th Grade

Princeton McArtor - 12th Grade

Alexas Miller - 12th Grade

Jared Shelton - 12th Grade

Andrew Ward - 12th Grade


Muadh Mumin - 2nd Grade


Leah McCurdy - Kindergarten

Luna McCurdy - Kindergarten

Khloe Cross - 1st Grade

Carter Campbell - 5th Grade

Emmalyn Glass - 5th Grade

Sutton Miller - 5th Grade

Bradleigh Glass - 7th Grade

Izik Wills - 8th Grade

Brooklyn Huffman - 9th Grade

Kristie Miller - 9th Grade

Selene Fabian - 10th Grade

Ethan Kline - 10th Grade

Faith Dunn - 11th Grade

Alex White - 12th Grade


Lola Underwood - Kindergarten

Rhett Stewart - Kindergarten

Jason Bigler - 10th Grade

Matt Doubledee - 11th Grade

Aiden French - 11th Grade


Paul Guy - Kindergarten

Airel Shough - 1st Grade

Nina Shirey - 7th Grade

Payton Kiphart - 9th Grade

Liam Forrest - 10th Grade

Nathan Burge - 12th Grade

Mount Vernon

Ciera Cramer - 6th Grade

Rylan Cramer - 12th Grade

Aliza Kotterman - 12th Grade

Damien Lude - 12th Grade

Carter Williams - 12th Grade

Mended Reeds

James Cramer - 9th Grade

Letrell Craft - 11th Grade

Kaydan Hull - 11th Grade

Jacob Lawhead - 11th Grade

Traeton Hamilton - 12th Grade

Marcus Macaulay - 12th Grade

Christopher Steed - 12th Grade

Lead School Counselor of GOAL Digital Academy, Heather Allen, expressed her admiration for the students' achievements, stating, "We are extremely proud of our Quarter 1 Honor Roll students. Their dedication to their studies and broader contributions to the school community are commendable. It is an honor to see our students excel in our blended learning environment. The nature of our setup at GOAL provides students the freedom to set their schedules and goals while knowing that our staff is there to support them. These students exemplify the spirit of excellence that we strive for."

GOAL plans to celebrate the achievements of these outstanding students with a special Quarter One Recognition Video set to be released in November, where they will be acknowledged for their hard work and commitment to academic excellence.

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