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JAG, GOAL Partners to Help 2022 Grads Prepare

Delaware, OH (January 26, 2022) – During the second quarter of this school year, the Delaware area GOAL Digital Academy and the Jobs for America’s Graduates program (JAG) partnered with local community organizations to enrich students with work/life planning skills as they head into the last semester of their senior year.

Evelin Andrade-Wells, Vice President and Senior Engagement Center Manager at First Commonwealth Bank, presented financial literacy information to students. Alongside their normal school schedule, program participants gained experience with concepts such as establishing and maintaining credit, opening checking and savings accounts, and the responsibilities that come with financial aptitude.

College and Career Counselor Jen Pollard, from Delaware Hayes High School, also visited the program to work with students on college and career readiness. Students participated in a career assessment and exploration, including figuring out their Myers-Briggs personality type indicators to help them as they explore their interests post-graduation. As a bonus, current students and alumni have access to the Delaware City

Schools website to explore these assessments and practice for their ACT and SAT tests.

Teen Advocate Robin McNeal from Turning Point presented to the students in a two-part session. The first session focused on teen dating and healthy relationships where students participated in group discussions surrounding domestic violence, signs, and types of abuse, and how to influence and manage healthy relationships. The second session was focused on the statistics of human trafficking among youth and adults worldwide.

JAG Specialist Dee McGrew said “We want to prepare our students for the real world and give them valuable tools to help them succeed in their life and work post-graduation. Partnering with companies like First Commonwealth Bank, Delaware Hayes High School, and Turning Point allows our students to be conscious of their decision-making and planning for life outside of school. We want them to know they are never alone and our community offers a support system to encourage their continued success when faced with life’s most difficult challenges.”

The Jobs for America’s Graduates partners with GOAL Digital Academy’s Delaware Learning Lab, located at 248 North Washington Street. Both Delaware City Schools and GOAL Digital Academy utilize the program to help students with credit recovery and work-based learning initiatives.

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