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Staff Retreat - Kalahari

Mansfield, OH (August 13, 2021) – Over 100 staff members from GOAL Digital Academy and its partner programs, the Tomorrow Center and Jobs for America’s Graduates attended a retreat Sunday, August 8th and Monday, August 9th at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Sandusky, Ohio. The purpose of the retreat was to develop relationships, prepare for the new school year, and thank staff members for everything that they do.

After a Sunday afternoon of fun with family and friends, staff started into meetings and planning sessions Monday morning. The day started strong with a keynote speech from Doug Ute, a member of the GOAL Digital Academy Board of Directors and the Executive Director of the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Ute's address focused on addiction, community partner engagement and relationship building.

To celebrate GOAL’s and the Tomorrow Center’s 20th anniversary, a special presentation was given on the history of the schools by Laura Chervenak, the inaugural Director of GOAL Digital Academy, who served between 2002 and 2010. Chervenak's presentation included pictures of the first graduates for each school in February 2004; Tomorrow Center 2004 graduate Joseph “Joey” Downard and GOAL Digital Academy 2004 graduate Amanda Brammer.

Staff were given training about special education and response to intervention (SPED/RTI) by Brian DeSantis, Associate Attorney from Pepple & Waggoner. There were also numerous breakout sessions, dedicated to planning for student activities, streamlining processes, and maintaining good relationships with students and parents.

“The staff left Kalahari energized and excited to start orientations this week, and learned a little more about each other and the importance of what we do!” said Casey Clark, GOAL Marketing Manager and Art/Photography Teacher. “As GOAL Digital Academy and the Tomorrow Center move into our 20th year of business, we remain focused on creating the best educational experience for our students and families.”

“So much in education has changed throughout the years, yet some things have remained the same and continue to be key ingredients in GOAL Digital Academy and the Tomorrow Center’s success. Providing good customer service, listening to student needs, helping them make decisions on what they can do with their future, and determining how we can best educate the student so they can achieve their goals. Getting everyone working together as a team, relationship building within the staff of GOAL Digital Academy, the Tomorrow Center and Jobs for America's Graduates was the primary objective of the 2021 staff retreat,” said GOAL Digital Academy Superintendent, Tish Jenkins.

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