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Summer Enrichment Activities at GOAL

As summer break comes to a close, GOAL Digital Academy is proud to recap its highly successful and engaging summer enrichment activities that have ignited a passion for learning and exploration among students. These activities have not only bridged the gap from one school year to the next but also provided an avenue for students to discover new interests and cultivate their talents. Throughout the summer, GOAL offered a diverse range of programming. From credit recovery options to book clubs and enrichment activities, students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in hands-on experiences that extended beyond the online classroom setting.

One of the highlights of Summer Enrichment was the Credit Recovery program where students in grades K-12 completed lessons, full courses, and diagnostics to earn credits or be promoted to the next grade level. Over one hundred students participated in the extension of coursework which had impressive results; 858 i-Ready lessons were completed with a passing grade of 70% or higher, high school students recovered over 30 credits to catch up on their path to graduation, and over 25 students were able to meet lesson requirements and diagnostics to be promoted to the next grade on time.

Principal, LeRoy Smith, who is the director of the Summer Enrichment program stated, “This provides opportunities for our staff to engage and build relationships with students and families. I'm very proud of the success we have had in providing opportunities for our students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally through the programs we have offered. I believe we will continue to grow by tapping into the diverse talents of our staff and students and providing additional opportunities for our students to grow.”

The Fine Arts program instructed students through programming that explored their creative sides through painting, theater costume creation, and performing arts. Under the guidance of talented instructors, student participants experienced topics and techniques that encouraged them to think outside the box. Recognizing the importance of teamwork and community, GOAL Digital Academy also hosted a Dungeons and Dragons club online, teaching values such as partnership, decision-making, and leadership as well as a fishing club.

GOAL launched an introductory American Sign Language program taught by Special Education Aide and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, Kaneisha Brooks. Students had fun exploring the new language by learning to sign the alphabet, numbers, and colors online with their peers utilizing the web conferencing platform, Zoom. In addition to working for GOAL, Kaneisha has experience interpreting phone calls for the hearing-impaired and is currently employed part-time with “I Can Connect” a company providing in-person interpretation utilizing technology and training for accessible communication in the Deaf/Blind community.

Kaneisha stated, “Growing up with two deaf grandparents and my Mom as an interpreter, ASL became my first language. This summer was my first opportunity to teach ASL to GOAL students and I loved it! The kids were engaged and interested in learning more about Deaf culture and the history of American Sign Language. They had a blast competing in the reading finger-spelling practice to see who could guess the words first! I was overjoyed that they asked questions and wanted to learn more and am excited to get kids excited about ASL in the classroom!”

GOAL Digital Academy remains committed to providing a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom, and the success of these summer enrichment activities is a testament to that commitment. As students return to school this fall, the enthusiasm for learning ignited during the summer will undoubtedly continue to flourish, made possible by the dedication of experienced teachers and instructors who went above and beyond to ensure that each student had a rewarding and memorable summer break.

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