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Affordable Connectivity Program Available To Eligible Families

Delaware, OH (May 17, 2022) – GOAL Digital Academy would like to inform families about an opportunity to get free high speed internet through a new program. The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides eligible households $30 per month off their internet bills. The Federal Government has secured commitments from 20 internet providers to offer qualifying households high-speed internet plans for no more than $30 a month. This means qualifying households who pair would receive high-speed internet at no cost.

There are several ways to qualify for the ACP: through your participation in other government programs or based on your annual household income. More information on how to apply can be found at or by calling (877) 384-2575.

Tish Jenkins, GOAL Digital Academy Superintendent, said access to high speed internet is no longer a luxury in the digital world we live in. “Having high speed internet is not just something for streaming movies and games. It is a necessary tool. We want our students to be able to easily access their lessons and their families not feel burdened in order to do that. We are pleased to let our families know about this government program.”

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