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GOAL Digital Academy Unveils 2023-2024 PBIS+ Plan to Foster a Positive Online Learning Environment

GOAL Digital Academy is excited to announce the launch of its innovative Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Plus (PBIS+) plan for the 2023-2024 School Year, aimed at creating a safe, respectful, and productive learning environment for all students. The PBIS+ plan promotes positive behavior, addresses behavioral issues effectively, and supports the social-emotional development of the diverse student population.

In Tier 1, universal interventions establish clear online school expectations, reinforce positive behavior through acknowledgment, and engage parents in support. Tier 2 offers targeted interventions, including check-in/check-out systems, mentoring, behavioral contracts, and restorative practices for students facing specific challenges. Tier 3 focuses on intensive interventions, involving functional behavior assessments, wraparound services, and crisis intervention for students with chronic behavioral issues. This comprehensive approach ensures a nurturing and effective learning environment for all.

GOAL Digital Academy staff, students, and families adhere to the following fundamental


Be Kind:

● Be respectful & use good manners

● Encourage & help others

● Be aware of others' feelings

● Take turns, raise your hand

● Greet or acknowledge others

● Do something nice just because you can

Be Engaged:

● Positive communication

● Attend at the lab, in live lessons & office hours

● Participate in a group, club, or activity

● Make an appointment with a teacher, counselor, advocate, therapist, or staff member

Take Action:

● Show responsibility

● Online Safety

● Ask for help when needed

● Complete your assignments & your attendance

● Be aware of your surroundings

● See something/say something Good or Bad

● Know your resources

In recognition of the unique challenges presented by our predominantly online presence and the wide geographic spread of the district across Central Ohio, GOAL Digital Academy has identified the importance of enhancing Student and Family Engagement. As part of this commitment, the PBIS+ team, comprising dedicated staff members from various positions, has initiated a transformative approach. In addition to tiered supports, GOAL will introduce monthly themed projects. This team is steadfastly working to instill positive behaviors and enriching experiences in the lives of our students and their families, both in the virtual realm and through in-person interactions in the upcoming months.

Superintendent Tish Jenkins said, “GOAL enhances student engagement and attendance by incorporating PBIS as a fundamental element in instructing and upholding school-wide culture initiatives. The expansion of PBIS at GOAL has led to a noticeable improvement in both student involvement and attendance. It provides students with well-defined expectations, which are thoughtfully reinforced with kindness as the central emphasis. Providing exciting themes for each month will allow our students to interact with activities, community members, and peers to practice positive social-emotional behaviors in areas they may not have a chance to otherwise.”

GOAL Digital Academy is an Ohio-based online school committed to providing a safe,

respectful, and productive learning environment for students. GOAL Digital Academy offers adiverse range of academic and emotional support resources to ensure the success of every student in the online learning environment. For more information on PBIS+ activities happening at GOAL Digital Academy please contact PBIS+ Lead, Stephanie Bowers at

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