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GOAL Labs Champion Community Spirit with Participation in the Annual Food Drive

In a heartwarming display of community service and teamwork, GOAL Labs have marked their tenth year of dedicated participation in local food drives. Each Learning Lab, across diverse locations, has been actively involved in this initiative every November, with a focus on supporting their respective communities.

This year, the Delaware lab took a unique and engaging approach. Instead of the conventional method of transporting donations, the team formed a nostalgic 'wagon train,' led by the vibrant energy of the students. A remarkable total of 424 pounds of food was hand-delivered to the People In Need (PIN) Holiday Clearing House at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. This creative journey not only facilitated the donations but also provided a valuable, hands-on experience for the students involved.

In recognition of their efforts, the students received two hours of community service credit, contributing to their community service graduation diploma seal. Additionally, they earned two hours of physical education credit, underscoring the event's dual benefits of community engagement and physical activity. Students who contributed food donations were also awarded an hour of community service.

This year’s food drive at Delaware was particularly memorable. Students and staff members walked the donations to the fairgrounds, where they had the opportunity to meet and interact with PIN Director Kathy Hoff. This interaction was insightful, as it provided students with a deeper understanding of the impact of their contributions on local families in need.

Meanwhile, other GOAL Learning Labs extended their support to various local food pantries, spreading the spirit of giving across multiple communities. Labs in Mansfield, Marion, Mt Vernon, and Newark collaborated with their local Salvation Armies, while those in Galion, and Cardington partnered with St Paul's and the Community Food Pantry, respectively.

"Our Annual Food Drive is not just about donations; it's about instilling a sense of community and responsibility in our students, and this year, they've outdone themselves," says Teacher, Gregg Snouffer, coordinator of the Student Service Club in charge of the food drive.

GOAL’s commitment to fostering community support and participation is evident in their decade-long involvement in these food drives. The approach adopted by the Delaware Lab this year, coupled with the opportunity for students to meet PIN Director Kathy Hoff, has set a new standard for community engagement. Their experiences underscore the benefits of helping others - making the act of giving both rewarding and enjoyable.

For more information on volunteer and community service opportunities at GOAL Digital Academy, please contact Student Service Club Leader, Gregg Snouffer at for more information.

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