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GOAL Digital Academy Showcases Ideal Workplace While Seeking Candidates to Support District Growth

GOAL Digital Academy, a pioneering online school dedicated to pushing boundaries in blended education, is proud to introduce itself with a school profile that provides valuable insights into its unique attributes and why it is an ideal place to work. In an era where the traditional boundaries of education are rapidly evolving, GOAL stands out as a trailblazer in the digital education landscape. This profile, designed to offer a unique look into the school, emphasizes the qualities that make it an exceptional workplace for educators, administrators, and support staff alike.

GOAL believes that the digital age calls for a fresh approach to education, reflected in its

commitment to providing a fulfilling and dynamic work environment for its employees.

As the district continues to experience growth and expansion, the school is actively seeking exceptional candidates to join its dedicated team of educators and staff that offers an exciting opportunity for educators and professionals who are passionate about the future of education and are eager to be a part of a pioneering team.

Teacher, Kyleigh Holtsberry explains: "Teaching at GOAL is a unique and fulfilling experience. It allows for the creation of dynamic online lessons but still allows me the opportunity for close student interaction face-to-face in our labs. This environment stands out from other schools by actively promoting the exploration of new teaching techniques and diverse online tools. This approach not only fosters creativity and flexibility in teaching but also enables me to dedicate more time to individual students, whether in one-on-one sessions or small group settings. My journey at GOAL has reshaped my approach to education, integrating technology and innovative methods as essential elements of my teaching practice. Additionally, the supportive and collaborative nature of the staff here greatly contributes to a positive and effective teaching environment."

Key highlights of GOAL Digital Academy include:

1. Cutting-Edge Learning Environment: GOAL offers a dynamic and adaptable online

learning platform that allows educators to engage students innovatively. Our digital

curriculum and resources provide an immersive and interactive teaching experience.

2. Commitment to Professional Development: Through a “Grow Your Own” Program,

GOAL emphasizes continuous professional growth, offering a range of training,

workshops, and resources to support educators in enhancing their teaching skills both in and out of the classroom.

3. Inclusive and Diverse Community: GOAL is proud of its inclusive and diverse

community, where students and staff come from various backgrounds, cultures, and

experiences. The school values diversity and promotes a welcoming and equitable

environment for all.

4. Innovative Teaching Approaches: As an institution at the forefront of online education,

GOAL encourages educators to explore creative and innovative teaching methods. This

approach fosters a spirit of innovation and experimentation in the digital classroom.

5. Supportive Administrative Team: The school's administration is committed to

supporting staff and providing the resources needed to excel in the online teaching

environment. This includes ongoing professional development opportunities, access to

cutting-edge teaching tools and technologies, and a responsive support network

dedicated to creating an atmosphere of collaboration and open communication.

6. Balanced Work-Life Integration: GOAL recognizes the importance of maintaining a

healthy work-life balance for all employees and promotes policies and practices that

facilitate this balance.

7. Student-Centered Approach: At the core of GOAL's mission is a dedication to

providing high-quality education that puts students at the center of their learning journey. Educators play a pivotal role in creating an inspiring and engaging learning environment.

"GOAL has significantly advanced my growth as an Intervention Specialist and Educational Leader,” said Intervention Specialist Stephanie Bowers. “The support from colleagues and administration is exceptional, contributing to a positive work environment and strong relationships across school teams. My approach to intervention in the online environment brings unique challenges that have encouraged me to improve and evolve how I support my students and build relationships with them. The ability to work both virtually and in person allows me to tailor interventions to each student's unique learning style. This experience has changed my view on online education, showing me that more students can succeed in this setting than often thought, especially when they receive tailored support and a deeper understanding of individual needs.”

Superintendent, Tish Jenkins said, "Through showcasing our school profile, we aim to promote not only the opportunities and resources available at GOAL but also the vibrant and collaborative community that makes this a special place to work. As we expand to meet the needs of our growing district, we are looking for candidates who share our vision for the future of education."

For more information on career opportunities at GOAL Digital Academy, please visit our website at

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