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GOAL Digital Brings Learning & Support to Licking County

Newark, OH (September 3, 2021) – When GOAL Digital Academy’s lab opened up in Newark in 2017, the purpose was to become not only a place of flexible learning, but go beyond academics and engage students and their families through intervention and counseling with the staff and getting connected with local resources when needed. GOAL offers a blended model of online and in-person learning where students receive face-to-face adult support to help them learn, set goals and prepare for their futures. One 2021 Newark graduate, Nicholas Hansen, said GOAL’s model of learning really worked for him. “GOAL Newark makes it easy to communicate with my teachers and fellow classmates. The curriculum is accessible and turns schooling into a fluid fun way of working.” GOAL is also a dropout prevention school that serves not just Newark, but all of Licking County and surrounding areas for grades K-12. When a student is credit deficient, they may enroll at GOAL any time during the school year to help them get back on track. Samantha Morris, a 2021 graduate, who attended the Newark GOAL Lab, said this worked for her. “I didn’t do so well in public schooling, so GOAL was a better fit for me. There is one on one tutoring, classes that are easy to understand, and I can focus better when working with the teachers at GOAL. I also have a son, so GOAL has been flexible in helping me achieve my goals to become a CNA and go to college.” Jessica Caughlan, Director of Partnerships & Family Engagement, said GOAL’s partnerships with local organizations allows the Newark GOAL lab to be a place for resources for students and their families. “We recognize the importance families and outside support systems play in our students’ success. To help with that, we are on the Licking County Children and Family First Council and a partner with the local chapter of the National Youth Advocate Program.” Licking County Children and Family First Council is an association of public and non-profit organizations, schools, clergy, parents, and elected officials committed to strengthening families and improving the local social and human service delivery system by working together and sharing resources. The National Youth Advocate Program offers a variety of positive youth development programs and services to promote community involvement and family relations, and also creating law-abiding citizens. Newark’s GOAL Digital Academy hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Parents or guardians interested in knowing more about GOAL can call 740-785-1421. Enrollment can be done online at The Newark GOAL lab is located at 15 North 3rd Street, Newark, Ohio.

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